What sizes do you have?

We offer 5x10, 7x10, 10x10, 10x14, 10x20, 10x24, 12x30, 12x32,24x24

What size do I need?

You can refer to the chart on our website for picture examples or, if you give us an idea of what you need to store, I can help you find the right size unit.

Are they climate controlled?


Do your units get wet?

All storage facilities can run into misfortune, but we do everything we can to prevent moisture.

Do you have rodent problems?

All storage facilities can run into misfortune. But to mediate this,  we provide rodent poison each season.

Are the buildings block, wood, metal?

Our facilities are wood with some having metal roofing.

Are the roofs metal?

We are currently in the process of switching our roofs to metal. Some are but some have not yet been switched.

Can you store a boat and trailer?

At some locations we can provide space for a boat.

Are your facilities secure?

All storage facilities can run into misfortune, we take every precaution to prevent these.

Do I need my own lock?

We provide you with a lock/key, there is a place to put your own lock on also.

Why do I need to pay a security deposit?

Most all storage facilities charge some type of deposit. This is to secure our lock and cover any damages that my occur to the unit.

What are the hours of access?

You have 24 hour access to your unit.

Is somebody on sight 24hrs?


Can I put my own lock on?


What is not permitted in unit?

Old tires, anything containing gas, anything flammable.

What if I am late with my payment?

We charge a $ 20.00 late fee.

What is your late fee?


Where do I mail my payment?

The address at the top of your contract contains the address to mail payments to.

Can I drop a payment in the mail slot?


What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit Cards, money orders, cash & checks

Do you accept credit cards?


Can I pay online at website?

Not at this time. We are hoping to add this feature in the future.

What are your prices?

The prices is dependent on what location and what size you are interested in. Give us a call and we would be more than happy to get you a price.

What are your locations?

We have 9 locations:  Canton, Cortland, Johnson, Austintown, Liberty, Niles, Bazetta and Champion & North Rd.

Do I sign a lease?

Our contracts go month to month

Are your facilities lit at night?


Is the facility gated?

Some of our facilities are

Is the facility fenced in?


Do you provide surveillance?


Are the units drive up accessible?

Yes we do have these accessible.

Do you offer insurance?


Am I required to have insurance?


Who do I get insurance through?

You can usually go through your renters/home insurance carrier.

Are the floors concrete?


Do the buildings sweat?


What do I cover my belongings with?

Always use a bed sheet.

Should I put pallets on floor to keep items dry?

It's a personal preference but not necessary.

Can I get a semi in facility?

Yes, certain locations can facilitate semi trucks.

Will a U-Haul be able to turn around?

Yes it is possible to back up a U-Haul at some facilities.

Are your units handicap accessible?

Most of our offices can accommodate a wheelchair.

Do you offer specials/discounts?

Yes we do. Check the specials page here to find out this month's specials!

Do you rent U-Hauls?

No we don’t.

Do you sell boxes and tape?

No we don’t.

Do you sell locks?

No we don't.

Who do I call in an emergency if locked out?

The number listed at the top of your contract or (330) 638-1504.

What if I lose my key?

We charge a $5.00 fee.  We will put another lock on door and give you key.

What happens if I get a divorce who gets my stuff?

That depends on probate and who’s name is on the contract.

What is the height and width of doors?

It depends on the specific unit.  Most of them are 8’ high and 10’ wide.

Can I take over a relatives unit with written permission?

Yes, with the signing of a new contract.

What happens in case of a death/probate?

Once out of probate you make take items, no rent can be charged during this time.

Is there electric in units?


Is electric accessible?


Can I work on my vehicle in unit?


Can I run a business out of my unit?


Can I use the accessible electric for my unit?

Yes for a short period of time for things such as extra lights.

Do you offer outside storage?

No not at this time.

Will you match a lower monthly rate?

Yes. Just bring printed proof of the lower rate to one of our locations.

Do you offer a dumpster onsite?


What do I do with the stuff I don’t want? Can I leave it?

You must take ALL of your belongings with you when you vacate unit. There is a $100.00 fee for cleaning any belongings left in the unit.

Can I build shelves in units?

Yes, but they must be taken down when you vacate.

What do I do when I move?

Make sure the unit is empty completely, put our lock on the door, and place key in the on location mail slot. Please be sure that the unit number is on the key and if you have moved, please leave your new address in the mail deposit.

Where do I return the key to lock?

Put your key in the mail slot on the office door.

Do I put the lock on the door?


How do I get my deposit back?

Once we receive the key and verify the unit is empty, your deposit will be mailed to you.

Can I take my name off a contract?

This depends where you're listed on the contract. The primary name on the contract and co/person or other party would need to agree.

What is the procedure if there should be a break in?

Call 911 and then call us.

Do you have restrooms on site?

No we do not

Is there access to water?


How far behind must I be to be liquidated?

90 days

Who gets my stuff if I am liquidated?

Both private buyers & public auction sales can purchase your belongings.

Can I buy my items back in a liquidation?


Do you keep parking lot clear in winter?


Can I have a garage sale out of my unit?


Am I allowed at my unit anytime?


Who is allowed in my unit?

Only the people you list on contract

Who has keys to my unit?

We keep one key on site and you get the other key.

Do you have public auctions?

On occasion, when we have a unit to liquidate.

How do I get on auction list?

You can visit our website and send us an email.

Have you ever had break-ins?

All storage facilities have had break ins but we try our best to avoid them

Is the area safe?


Do you reserve units if I am from out of town?


Will you hold a unit if it comes available?


Do you accept PayPal?

Not at this time

I work late. Can you accommodate?

Yes we can.

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